Polish Literary Culture Series: Digital lectures Part I

Contemporary Literary and Artistic Culture Unit of the Institute of European Culture at the Polish University Abroad in London has the pleasure to invite you to a series of digital sessions. As part of this series, our Lecturers will talk about Polish literature and introduce us to issues of interest to them in the field of analysis of literary work, comparatistics and anthropology of literature. We start with a lecture by dr Eliza Kącka in the formula of open access.

For whom: We invite especially all those who are interested in learning the Polish language and culture, as well as ways of unconventional thinking and talking about literature. The lectures will be held in Polish.

Coordinator of the Series: Justyna Gorzkowicz

Lecture 01

dr Eliza Kącka – Schulz and imaginative spaces. The lecture published @10/06/2020 10.30 BST