Lingua-Branding Lab

The Lingua-Branding Lab was launched in 2018 at the Contemporary Literary and Artistic Culture Unit (IKE PUNO). Its main goal is to conduct interdisciplinary research on human behaviour on the web in terms of the influence of audiovisual language (image, literary and sound linguistics) and taking into account cultural differences. This research is on the threshold of cultural anthropology (especially visual and linguistic anthropology and social media anthropology), as well as semiotics, e-marketing, branding and advertising anthropology. 

In addition to its research character, the Laboratory will also have a didactic character, which will be implemented by initiating various scientific meetings, lectures, trainings and seminars. They will be addressed to all those interested in broadening the skills of critical thinking, conscious planning of an advertising message or popularizing it and raising the competence of effective participation in the culture of contemporary audiovisual and branding messages.

Based on basic research conducted as part of the Laboratory’s tasks, three lectures with workshop elements was launched: “The art of persuasion in lingua-branding”, “In the jungle of social media languages” and “Psychology of colours in lingua-branding”.

General objectives of the training

  • acquiring by the participants the ability to navigate smoothly in social media with regard to the basics of “lingua-branding”
  • preparation to recognize language differences at the level of the most popular social media environment (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Vimeo) as well as at the level of specific audiovisual content
  • acquiring basic skills in social media research from the perspective of anthropological and cultural processes and semiotic codes
  • developing appropriate competences related to effective functioning in the environment of modern multimedia and marketing messages
  • professionalisation of staff by combining knowledge in the humanities, social and economic sciences and placing it in a cultural context

Subject area

  • Communication
  • Art
  • marketing
  • cultural branding
  • social media
  • cultural anthropology
  • colour psychology

For whom?

  • The trainings are intended for students as well as scientific units, institutions, university employees, culture or business. They are addressed to people interested in deliberate creation and reading of the image of a given brand in social media (and not only).

Educational content

  • As a result of the training the participant should acquire knowledge and skills in this field:  
  • basic concepts of ‘lingua-branding’ (what it is and what opportunities it offers) and social media anthropology from the perspective of contemporary audiovisual culture
  • stylistic features of the language of particular social media and various forms of communication (linguistics, logosphere, iconosphere)
  • who is the recipient and sender of the message
  • the difference between persuasion and manipulation
  • basic skills in message encoding and decoding
  • ways of self-analysis of the multimedia language
  • basic methods for analysing the conformity of the message content with the form
  • practical skills to critically analyse the message in terms of environmental and cultural differences
  • adapting the language to shape the image of the company, institution, project or own image
  • have basic information on how to adapt marketing and PR activities in the network to the needs of a given target group
  • the existence of semiotic codes influencing the creation of distance in human space