As part of the didactic activities of the Unit there are Literary Workshops: “Kaliope at the Polish Parnassus… or the work of young Polish poets in Great Britain” and another series of workshops for the UTA – “The narrations are in us… or you will remember your grandson…” under the direction of Professor Ewa Lewandowska-Tarasiuk. They are addressed especially to young artists who want to improve their poetic skills. Such meetings have their own tradition, which is expressed in the published anthology of poetic texts, entitled Moja radość pisania. Strofy znad Tamizy and znad Wisły (ed. Ewa Lewandowska-Tarasiuk).

Continuing and developing the undertakings of the Unit, we intend to make the following research and workshop offer available soon:

  • Journalism Workshops – their participants will learn the secrets of functioning of contemporary media, various media genres, journalistic codes, specifics of emigration media and the so-called new media. The workshops will be co-created in cooperation with outstanding editors working in the Polish media in Great Britain as well as in Poland.
  • Literary Workshops – (as a continuation of the previous ones) their main objective will be to create in cooperation with young artists new editions of an anthology of emigration literature and to professionalise the writing workshop. The proposed formula of the meetings will include open discourses and attempts to interpret the literature of young artists in exile in the context of dialogue with contemporary (Polish and world) literature and the diversity of new languages and literary codes.

Moreover, it is planned to develop a package of materials attractive in terms of teaching and methodology for teachers of Polish language and culture entitled: “Polish teacher as ambassador of Polishness”. This is a publishing and methodological project which will be carried out in cooperation with PUNO students and students of the Faculty of Pedagogical Sciences of the Maria Grzegorzewska Academy of Special Education in Warsaw, the oldest pedagogical university in Poland.