MA Jarosław Solecki is a visual artist, a sculptor, a performer, an maker of videos and installations. He is a Phd candidate, junior researcher in the  Contemporary Literary and Artistic Culture Unit (IKE PUNO) and member of the Lingua-Branding Laboratory. He graduated from the University of Arts in Poznan (Poland) and completed a Course in Welsh and British history and its sources, Coleg Cambria -Yale, Wrexham (UK). He is involved in video art, photo collage used for artistic animation, storytelling, computer graphics and performing arts in public space. He conducts photowalks and workshops on the use of video in humanities. He is also a regular participant of fieldwork and shadowing in the field of broadly understood cultural anthropology (recently urban studies). He has participated in interdisciplinary research on contemporary folklore and Welsh language projects, and on ways of preserving the national identity of Poles in exile.

In the circle of his research interests remain environments threatened by social exclusion. He is, among others, the author of a project on the border of critical art and cultural anthropology, which involved a group of marginalised residents of Poznań. “The Academy” – this was the title of the project – asked a question about the role of art in public life.

Having been in exile for a few years, he became interested in the protection of human rights, freedom to express judgments about the world and socio-cultural affiliation, especially of various minorities. Currently, he is involved in the virtual gallery project (as initiator) in the context of integrating art with new media and the tasks that IT sets itself. He is also member of TICASS Project (European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 734602).

He is a member of the Interaction Design Foundation.