MA Juan Valencia Escalante

is a developer and a member of the Lingua-Branding Laboratory in the Contemporary Literary and Artistic Culture Unit (PUNO). He graduated from the “Centro de Enseñanza Técnica Industrial” (Center of Technic and Industrial Teachings) in Mexico, he took a course of 3-D game developing at 3DMX (Mexico), a course of Cinematography at Jalisco High School, a course of History Telling at Norway, Coursera courses of Gamification, Machine Learning and Business Strategy, seminars of Amazon Web Services and most recently a course of Programing, Soft Skills and English at Zapopan Academy (Mexico). He is involved in Cultural Projects, documenting (photographing and filming) events or he helps with the logistics. Having spent many years abroad (UK, Norway), he got to know the situations that lead many to flee from their home countries and how difficult it becomes the integration of them into the host society.

Conferences: 2020 –  E-learning: security and privacy in the learning process (TICASS Young Researchers International Online Conference in HUMAN & TECHNOLOGIES PERSPECTIVES: “Educational Aspects of Technologies of Imaging in the Perspective of Visual Literacy” co-operation with Jarosław Solecki)

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