Prof. Anna Maria Stańczyk: My career as a pianist has been going on for many years and during this time I have performed about 1500 solo concerts around the world, with various orchestras, musicians, as well as made many recordings and broadcasts for various record, radio and television companies. Among these performances were several important premiere productions:

  • The first world performance and recording of the Paraphrase on the English Anthem and Romance dedicated to Mme by Josepfin Kościelska, works by Franciszek Liszt, recorded and released on CD by Polskie Nagrania.
  • First recording of Kazimierz Serocki’s Sonata for Portuguese Radio.
  • I performed works by Fryderyk Chopin for the first time in Great Britain from the new National Edition of Chopin’s Works edited by Professor Jan Ekiker.
  • I was the first in Poland to perform the L van Beethoven Violin Concerto with various Symphony Orchestras.
  • For the first time I performed Fantasies on Polish Themes by Fryderyk Chopin with the Cuban Symphony Orchestra in Havana.

Released Records: LP, CD, cassette

  • “Romantic Poland”, cassettes released by Multium Studios, UK, 1980, in the programme Polish music: Chopin, Serocki, Szymanowski and Paderewski
  • “Music from Poland”, cassettes released by Forties Recording Company UK, 1983, in the programme Polish music: Chopin, Lessel, Maria Szymanowska
  • “Polish Romance” tapes released by White Tower Records UK, 1984
  • Szymanowski Piano Music, tapes released by Gemini Sound, UK, 1986
  • Muzyka Polska LP record released by Veriton, 1987, Poland
  • “24 Classic Hits” Cd and cassettes released by Polskie Nagrania Edition 1995, EN
  • “Anna Maria Stańczyk plays Liszt” Cd I tapes released by Polskie Nagrania PL 1999
  • “Poland’ CD and cassette released by Polonia Records EN 1997
  • “Chopin Liszt Recital” Cd released by Polskie Nagrania 2004, PL