Prof. Ewa Lewandowska -Tarasiuk is a specialist in polish philology and a pedagogue.  She is a professor and head of the Contemporary Literary and Art Culture Unit PUNO Londyn and head of the Department of Music and Literary Education at the Maria Grzegorzewska Academy of Special Education in Warsaw. She is a graduate of the University of Warsaw, a doctor of humanities, a philologist, and a pedagogue. She also has a musical education. She is the author of books on literary culture and language culture, among others: Literary culture in the work of a teacher, In the theatre of presentation, On the art of persuasion, The art of public appearances (three editions), Everyone in himself bears a shadow of the beautiful... Professor Lewandowska-Tarasiuk is also author of monographs and co-author of many scientific and popular science publications. In “Dziennik Polski – Tygodnik Polski” in London she writes a regular essay in the column: Words, Images, Sounds... She gives lectures and literary workshops in Poland and in London, which resulted, among others books: Moja radość pisania (My Joy of Writing, published under her editorship). Strofy znad Tamizy i znad Wisły. She is also the author of many radio and television broadcasts and a member of the Polish Rhetorical Society and of the Association of Polish Writers in the Abroad (Związku Pisarzy Polskich na Obczyźnie). She is the winner of literary and scientific prizes, including the Labor Omnia Vincit award of the Villa Polonia Foundation.